About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Who stands beside takecitybreak.com?

Passionate travelers and explorers, celebrating the joy of traveling!

Some of us are complete foodies, filling our Instagram feed with new dishes we get to try. Some of us – culture diggers, visiting the best museums and exhibitions all over the world.  Others – adventurers, explorers and party animals that don’t miss any festival or live performances no matter where they’re held.

We believe in weekend getaways as a great opportunity to celebrate life and celebrate the most of what cities all around the world have to offer!


Usually everything starts from searching for good deals or cheap tickets. But then sometimes there can be more questions and challenges, than good experiences. We believe, that the IDEA or the EVENT should come first. That is what gives us true EXPERIENCES. And it should come together with all other city break parts: How to get from airport to hotel? Where to eat? What to see? Where to go?  It takes a lot of time to research all these things and make a plan.

That’s where we jump in, by offering you an IDEA of where to go, combined with information about the flights, accommodation and other recommendations! You catch our IDEA, we provide you with the rest of the information for your best #CityBreak.

Our Manifesto

We are not a traveling agency – we do not sell tickets.

We offer you a reason to go for #CityBreak, by digging up the best events, flights and accommodation recommendations and putting it all in one itinerary.

We believe that if it is well planned, your short weekend getaway can be just as exciting as a two week vacation.

It’s just our start.

We know that there are a lot of things to do ahead, but we’ll pick up the best IDEAS for #Citybreaks every week.

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Take me for a #CityBreak!